The Austrian Federal Armed Forces

The Federal Armed Forces is the armed service of the Republic of Austria. Its manifold tasks are primarily derived from the Wehrgesetz (military law). Furthermore, Austria’s membership of the EU and the Partnership for Peace (PFP) is becoming increasingly important.

The main duties of the Federal Armed Forces are:

Military defence of the nation

The combat troops of the Federal Armed Forces stand ready in case of external aggression or an attack on Austrian territory.

National military defence remains the core competence of the ground and air forces, as well as the special forces. If necessary, combat units can react quickly and be rapidly reinforced by additional troops, including militia soldiers.

Protection of residents and infrastructure

If necessary, Federal Armed Forces soldiers help maintain order and security in Austria. Military taskforces can be deployed to protect the constitutional institutions of our country (such as the government, parliament, regional assemblies or district headquarters), thus securing citizens’ democratic freedoms.

Yet as such domestic operations are the responsibility of the executive, soldiers are only allowed to perform these assistance tasks at the request of the Ministry of the Interior.

Help with natural disasters or accidents

Helpers from the Federal Armed Forces are on hand in case of natural disasters, so-called acts of God, and accidents of extraordinary magnitude.

Each season provides challenges for the emergency services – be it flood relief, firefighting flights in forests, large-scale snow removal, rescuing avalanche victims or forestry work after storm damage.

Help abroad

Austria is also prepared to help abroad as a member of many international organisations. Federal Armed Forces soldiers have acquired an excellent reputation in recent decades, both in peace-supporting or peacekeeping missions, as well as for rapid assistance after disasters.

Major contingents of the Federal Armed Forces are currently stationed in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, and Lebanon.

For more information please visit the Austrian Armed Forces website.

The Militia

Militia soldiers are men and women who have completed their basic military service or training and who continue to serve in the emergency response organisation of the Federal Armed Forces. They are an integral part of the defence system as officers, NCOs, or as units.

They contribute significantly to the anchoring of the armed forces in Austrian society through their military dedication away from work and private life.

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