A safe experience is a great experience
Safety first. Both in the air and on the ground. This applies fully to AIRPOWER19. The AIRPOWER19 gates are open to all visitors who respect the rules for the event site.

What are the rules for AIRPOWER19?

The AIRPOWER19 rules are far simpler than the rules for operational pilots. Above all, no objects may be brought that could be thrown or fired or which could otherwise disturb or endanger the peace, order, and security of the event site.
This is a particular focus of the personal and baggage security check. Most of it is common sense. To be sure, however, we have summarised the most important points here.
Do not take the following items to AIRPOWER19:

  • Weapons, ammunition, explosives, and replicas of said items (whether with or without a gun ownership licence or firearms licence);
  • items that can be used as a weapon (in particular knives, poles, sticks, chains, pepper spray, etc.);
  • In addition:
    • Laser pointers
    • Pyrotechnic articles
    • Air or party horns
    • Parasols and sun loungers
    • Drugs and narcotics
    • Balaclavas, moped and motorcycle helmets
    • Glass bottles and glasses
    • Beach shelters
    • Hardshell cooling boxes
    • Airworthy aircraft of all kinds (incl. model aircraft, drones, balloons, etc.)
    • More information about flight restrictions can be found here.
    • Radios and radio remote controls of all kinds
      (see also the separate information here)
    • any commercial, political, or religious items, propaganda material, including banners, flags, signs, symbols, leaflets, or the like:
  • Pets or other animals
    (Note: Please do not leave animals in vehicles);
  • Bicycles, rollers, scooters, skateboards, and the like on the event grounds.

Persons carrying prohibited items will be escorted off the site and barred from entering the venue with these items.

For security reasons, no lockers or other storage devices can be provided.

What is permitted?

  • Functional mobile phones;
  • Cameras and tripods, film and video cameras with batteries for private use;
  • Walkers, wheelchairs, folding chairs, umbrellas;
  • Keychains, purse chains;
  • Medicines (syringes and glass containers are permitted with medical proof of illness);
  • Commercially available pocket and snack knives
    (Note: Knives whose blade length or purpose is not designed to be a pocket or snack knife, such as a karambit or similar, are prohibited.)
  • Pocket cigarette lighters
  • Binoculars
  • Plastic bottles and beverage cans
  • Cooling bags (soft)
  • Folding chairs
    (Note: As long as they cannot be set to be fully flat.)
  • Headgear/sun protection
    (Note: Please ensure your headgear is tight so that it does not, for example, loosen in the wind.)

We recommend:

  • Do not carry backpacks or other bulky objects for a day.
  • Come to Zeltweg by public transport. Guests can make use of the parking facilities in Kraubath and Fisching, from where you are taken to Zeltweg with free shuttles. See here for more information.
  • Please do not forget to use sunscreen and ensure you stay hydrated throughout the event.
  • There is plenty to drink at the event.
    • Consider hearing protection, especially for children. Flight events are noisy. We strongly recommend the use of hearing protection. Free hearing protection plugs are available at AIRPOWER19.

Always pay attention to loudspeaker announcements and notice boards. Security personnel instructions must be fully followed.

Please note that all legal and official regulations and ordinances apply and must be complied with.
If everyone adheres to the rules, AIRPOWER19 will be a celebration for all involved.

Please help by informing security staff* immediately if

  • you notice something disturbing,
  • seems a little strange to you,
  • could affect the security of the event.

(*) these include military guards, military police, police, fire brigade, and medical centres.

We ask for your understanding that access to AIRPOWER19 with prohibited items or if the site is overcrowded is not possible for safety reasons.

The list of prohibited items is regularly reviewed and expanded. Therefore, please visit this page again for the latest information before the event. (as of 23 August 2019)

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